Experimental collection FW-18

Cas No.01 is an experimental collection inspired by cerebral malfunction ans its effect on the human psyche. Through the unconventional shapes of the creations, Cas no.01 explores how the human being reacts to the discomfort from different sorts of malfunctions such as memory loss, perception difficulties and more, wich were used as abstract inspirations that were visually translated into these garments.

While the human body is supposed to be comforting place for the soul, malfunctions of any kind create discomfort preventing us from fully experience life the way we should. The fabric being comfortable in nature while the garment is simultaneously difficult to wear because of its shape was an intentional decision to recreate this feeling of unnatural discomfort.

Collection FW19-20

The accumulation of sensations, the feeling of a second state and the loss of the perception of reality and of oureself are the results of chemically induced creative growth. The body envelope is thus found, more and more, of materials and forms until the feeling of euphoria reaches a point of apogee.


In a mixture that is both organic and bulky, the Losing Control collection is an evolutive of this aspect illustrating the artist using the drug or pushing his physical abilities to a maximum in order to be in full artistic growth; in a trance.

Submission for Arts of Fashion Foundation Competition


Between behavioral impulsivity and 

emotional instability, this collection is an analysis of borderline personality disorder, which is defined by a fragility of the boundary between the neurotic and psychotic 



Both internal and external chaos is the result of anxiety about the loss of personal objects and testing the limits of others. 

This unstable disease evolves and develops on a sensitive individual prisoner of a mental and restrictive metallic armor. 

Ready to conform and stand out at the same time, the minimalist and structured silhouette is a metaphor itself, all in contradiction with the uncontrollable aspect of the garment and encroaching on the personal space of others

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