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Tristan Réhel is a fashion designer and visual artist based in Montreal, Canada. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Université du Québec à Montréal in Design and Stylism.  Tristan Réhel offers a colourful and grotesque universe situated on the border of reality and fantasy. In an aesthetic that is at the same time experimental, playful and theatrical, his creations express an emotional, sensitive and self-identifying need of letting go.


Growing up, he always had a curiosity for queer culture, horror iconography and sexual liberation. Taking a look inside the complexity of one’s personality, his label reflects how contrasting interests within someone can evolve into this FEVER-DREAM-CORE world. This beautiful chaos finds expression in the designer’s colorful pieces full of ribbons, frills and glitters which exist alongside contrasted, spikes, raw edges and nightmarish textures, often rendered in big sculptural proportions losing the shape of the body.

In Tristan Réhel’s world, each creation is meticulously designed and handcrafted with care and time, giving power to whoever wants to instantly stand out in a crowd.

rehel face.png
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